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Jardine Clan Society of New Zealand

Official Website Of The Jardine Clan Society Of New Zealand

Branch Newsletter Clips

 The New zealand Newsletter is issued twice a year, the following taken from December 2011 issue

Recipe Corner By J.Mary Garvie

Mary Glendinning Jardine

1877 – 1960

Kawarau Falls Station, Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand

One ofthe many wonderful capable provisioners of the high country runholder, No modern technology for these pioneers of our country, they produced the most amazing hearty meals, baking, preserves and pickles from a wood and coal fired range.

My childhood memories of the smell of fresh baking, pickles or preserves became even more real when my mother, Jessie Jardine, presented me with the gift. A very old leather bound ledger book in which my grandmother had written her vast collection of recipes. This most precious book began its compilation on January 4 1903, six years before her marriage to Dickson Jardine in 1909 and was added to until her death in October 1960.

Grandmother Jardine was a very tall, elegant and gifted woman but by the time I remembered her she was a little stooped and her beautiful hair had turned white. She stood in our kitchen pantry working her magic with her hands. She suffered from rheumatroid arthritis and her joints were swollen and red but nothing prevented her from creaming butter and sugar together by hand, adding the eggs and other ingredients depending on her treat of the day. Perhaps she was standing at the kitchen bench chopping onions, tomatoes and mint in the making of the most perfect mint chutney.

The seasonal plentiful tomatoes and apples lend themselves to my grandmother’s recipe, just delicious with cold meats - especially the family roast lamb.



1/2lb skinned ripe tomatoes, 6 small peeled onions, 1lb tart apples

½ cup tightly packed mint leaves, 1 packet seeded raisins

Boil together

3 cups brown vinegar, 2 teaspoons dry mustard

2 cups sugar, 2 teaspoons salt, Little pepper

Let vinegar mixture cool, then add to other ingredients. Mix well.

Bottle in small clean jars. Ready in 10 days.